2 ° Curso 2012 – Prof. Dra. Susana Mangana (CV)

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5 de octubre de 2012 por Acento Comunicación

Prof. Dra. Susana Mangana


2004 Ph.D. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.
Major: Islamic and Arabic Studies
Dissertation: An approachment to Jordanian Foreign Policy in light of the Hachemite Kingdom’s actions during the I Gulf War.


2000 MBA – Master in Business Administration, ICADE University Madrid, Spain.

1996 Diploma in Foreign Trade and Integration Studies                                         Instituto de Integración, Montevideo, Uruguay.

1991 Bachelor of Arts in Arabic and Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London, UK.


Spanish:                                 Mother tongue
English:                                  Bilingual
Arabic:                                    Advanced
French:                                   Advanced
Portuguese:                            Intermediate


Teaching Experience:


2004-to present  In charge of the Islamic and Arabic world studies section of the Religion Sciences Department, College of Humanities, Catholic University of Uruguay.

Professor of Arabic language and Islamic Culture at several private and State universities and other high level institutions in Uruguay:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • UruguayStateUniversity, College of Law and College of Social Sciences
  • National Educational Authority (ANEP)
  • NavyGraduateSchool
  • Center for National Defense Studies (CALEN)
  • Police Intelligence Headquarters
  • NationalState Intelligence Office (DINACIE)
  • Military Institute for Strategic Studies (IMES)

2000-2004  Professor of Islamic Culture and Civilisation at St. Louis University, MadridCampus, Spain

Other Relevant Work Experience:


2007 to present  Translator and Interpreter (Arabic-Spanish) for the President of the Republic of Uruguay, Dr. Tabare Vazquez during his visit to United Arab Emirates and Qatar in April-May 2007.

Translator (Arabic-Spanish) for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Parliament in Uruguay.

1992-1995  Translator and Interpreter (Arabic-Spanish) at Spanish Embassy in  Egypt


Conferences and Interviews:

Since year 2000 to present times I have delivered a high number of conferences in countries as distant as Spain, Morocco, Uruguay, Brazil or Argentina, dealing with issues related to the Arabic culture, language and literature and on Islamic civilisation with the aim of breaching the gap between East and West on issues pertaining to Islam. A whole list of the conference titles can be provided upon request.

Here follows s short list of the most recent conferences I have participated in:

  • II International Relations Conference. Syria ; the last resort for Arabic Nationalism ?, Oct.2007, College of Law, Uruguay State University.
  • Islam and Politics. Is Islamic Terrorism a real threat?, Oct. 2007, Center for National Defense Studies, Uruguay.
  • I Latin American Conference on Peace in Kashmir. New Perspectives for a Constructive Dialogue on Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Jul. 2007, Radisson Hotel, Uruguay.

I regularly participate as a consultant for Middle Eastern Affairs in several TV programs in Uruguay and I currently have a weekly section in Radio Sodre and Oceano FM Radio where I present an overview of news and discussions over Arabic and Islamic issues.





2004 to present   I regularly publish articles on Middle Eastern and Islamic issues at El Pais of Montevideo, El Observador, and Rumbosur.


Research Interests:


Foreign Policies of the Arabic countries and Migration Studies pertaining Muslim Communities.

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